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About the Author


I grew up in Germany and roamed the forests, gathered wildflowers, and danced with faeries. I lost that belief and understanding for many years. When I rediscovered it, I realized it was the foundation for my spirituality; to run, to play, laugh, sing, and soar. This book is written in a time when dark clouds threaten humanity. There have been other times when the threat was dire as well. I write this to ignite love, hope, and rememberance in each reader. Whether you are eleven or one hundred eleven, your heart can still love and your soul can be lifted beyond ugliness. To those who believe or want to, come play with me!


I want to thank Victoria Michael for her wonderful assistance in this project, Liz Davis who edited the first crude copy, Karen Mutter who encouraged me, and Debbie Halstead who did the same in addition to Angel Laurel who pushed me to do the audio. Women encouraging women. All of you are part of the magik in my life.

With gratitude, Helen Dahlhauser

Helen Dahlhauser

 'My Life as a Faery'

To Cannon, Bella, MacKenzie, Robin, & Winston. Five reasons I believe in magik.

This book is my gift to you. Each chapter in its entirety is listed below along with the full audio recording. I give it to you from my heart because that is where it was born. (To hear the audio, scroll down or navigate to the "listen" tab of the menu and simply push play. Click arrows to jump to the next chapter.)


 If you enjoyed reading 'My Life as a Faery', please consider a donation to either of the following nonprofit organizations by clicking on their links in the next paragraph.

The Children's Defense Fund supports children. The Environmental Defense Fund supports our environment from the effects of climate change. Both causes are dear to my heart. They align with a core message found in "My Life as a Faery" that ALL life matters.


Thank you for your interest, and don’t forget your magik.


With love, Helen

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