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Chapter Eighteen

I made my rounds of good nights. I was so tired but it was important that everyone think I had been there the whole time. Only Conner seemed suspicious. He had done underground and undercover work himself, so he spotted subterfuge. I smiled and avoided a direct conversation.

"Conner, could you please bring Jacob over in a couple of days, I promised him a trip" I smiled innocently and went to my room. I slept for three days. The travel distortion of time and space is exhausting.

I woke to the sound of people downstairs. Dressing quickly and I saw Jacob and Milikah. I ran to them hugging and kissing them from head to toe, I was so happy to see them. Conner stood behind them, I smiled. "Is it alright if I keep my promise and take the two of them on a trip? I want to take them by myself, Conner. I think it's time to share with Milikah about his Mother and to tell Jacob as much as I can about the other realm. I know the High King wants you to do some special training for him, would it be alright?"

Conner looked at her slowly. "Do I really have a choice? Why would I stop them from being with you?" I looked at him. Somehow I always felt wrong around him and felt like I said the wrong thing. "I'm sorry, Conner." He held up both hands in resignation."No, nothing to be sorry for. Boys, give me a big hug and remember everything so you can tell me about your adventure. We will all go out when you return and I can share your stories," he stated graciously.

Excited, the three of us stood before the High King. "You are helping the faeries and so many other elementals to return to our homeland," he said. "May we go to where I was born and Dakeh roamed freely so Jacob and Milikah can know it too?" I asked. I knew he would never refuse me after what I had been through. Suddenly there was a brilliant light and the three of us walked through a gateway into my home realm.

I saw repair work going on, sweeping up a thousand year neglect. We heard a kind of music not known in the human realm, it had not only sound but the color and touch as well. Yellow felt like baby feathers, it was soft, whereas red was luscious and rich and had a deep bass that felt like thick soup. So many shades and sensations! It was overwhelming.

I put the images into Jacob's mind so he could see from the inside. There was a transformative effect and the air smelled like flowers, the colors were more vibrant. Milikah started running through the meadows, he was dizzy with joy.

"This is where I would meet Dakeh almost every day. We would play, sing, and fly together. Milikah turned his little face to her, huge tears rolling down, his beautiful red cheeks. " Why did she have to die? I miss her though I only spent 5 minutes with her." I held him close and cuddled him, "I don't know little one, but she would hold me the way I am holding you now, so I think part of her is here with us. Cry, beautiful rainbow dragon, let your heart be sad. There is enough love around you so it is safe."

Jacob sat by them and began to sing, the entire glen stopped working and one by one the elementals of all sorts came and sat. They began to tell stories of Dakeh, of how much love she had and how she was cherished by them. As Jacob finished there was a cylinder head that formed around all of them which was full of sound and light.

I stood up and said to the cylinder "Go to the human realm and spread Dakeh's love around. She still assists anyone of the Light."

Amazed we all watched this cylinder of light and sound lift out of our realm into a harsher place. I hugged little Milikah, "What do think of your Mom now?" The young dragon look at me kissed me and then deliberately knocked Jacob over. "Can't catch me!" he taunted and the boys were off! Laughing, romping, running till they were filled with sweat, smelling like wet puppies.

After their play, I took them to the streams and introduced them to the fish as well as the birds in the trees. They had met many in the other realm but there were special elementals that never left this place.

we wandered through my childhood. The boys learned of magic that humans said was imagination but it seemed real. One lovely old wizard sat down with the boys and asked them to think of something. Then the other had to guess what he was thinking of. Each boy had three chances. Within 1/2 hour they each got it right on the first try. Magic isn't so hard, or mysterious, it is concentration and belief. I giggled as I watched the old wizard, wow them remembering when I felt just as they did. He dazzled them with the basics, oh there was so much more to come.

Jacob had the ability to see and know what others were doing, thinking and about to do. Milikah though now small, had to ability to be a great Warrior. He was brave and had his Mother's wisdom and courage.

"And you Belinda?" he said" what will you do next? You have helped with the re-entry to our realm, is that enough for you?" She frowned, "I just want to be here for a while, Sir. I haven't flown like this in forever!"

I soared way up and swooped down and around, tickling Milikah and brushing Jacob's hair with my wings. I sat back down so exhilarated and filled with joy! He smiled at me. "Aren't there many left that need help in finding their way back?"

"Yes, there are," I said and winked. "The High King already hinted as much which usually means it is actually an order but he pretends it is my idea."

I glanced at the wizard "Will you teach me more magic so I can be better at it? I love magic, I love watching things transform and come to life. I like seeing people become artists, singers, musicians, and actors. It is all the same …it is magic."

The old wizard looked at me thoughtfully. " It is true you are an exceptional Warrior-fae, Belinda but you have to show me your aptitude." "Sir," I replied, "with great respect, I have been pretty busy doing a lot of stuff that many faeries couldn't do." "I know you have, you are brave and audacious but can you be compassionate and let someone else come first?"

I looked at him not quite sure I had heard him correctly. "I don't understand Sir, have I been selfish?" The wizard now had a serious look on his face. "I want you to think my fiery faery. Can you visit and return Amar's whole heart to him so that he can give it to his new bride? That would be a true act of service and be a kindness that would benefit them and their children. It would mean letting go of your ego."

I looked at him. The look on my face was as serious as his had been. I kept remembering the flying and the friends and all the elementals but had forgotten how much we still needed to do in this world. "Can I stay a little longer with the boys sir?" He nodded ruefully, "You were born to be challenged Belinda, it is not for everyone. Go! Enjoy! Look the Eagles are lining up for a race, can you match them?"

He watched me fly off, as he took out a rune and sent a blessing my way. "Come boys, I'll teach you how to become invisible" and they wandered off.

The End

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Danny Allen
Danny Allen
Mar 06, 2020

Magikal Miss Helen.

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