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Chapter Thirteen

We began our journey. "What was the language you spoke that day Conner brought Jacob to us that he understood so well?" I asked Gammy. Her eyes flashed green and she smiled"Love, little Belinda, it was the language of love." I was puzzled. "But I couldn't understand what you were saying, I know love." Gammy clarified. "I spoke in the tongue of his Mother and with her voice, it was the only thing he could hear."

"What was foretold about Jacob?" If we were going to accomplish the huge challenge ahead I really needed to understand. "We were told that when the time was right for the dawning, he would help. This is the time we have waited for. It is a treacherous time, we will see the face of evil everywhere so must not give in to the despair of its existence. Evil exists to show the Light more clearly" Gammy said.

I was feeling restless and impatient. I missed Amar and desperately wanted, no, I needed to do something. What I really wanted was a fight. I knew I needed to stay focused but I was still grieving Dakeh.

I wrote Amar about my feelings. He answered my letter with understanding and comforting words. While validating my feelings of loss, he wrote back telling me about not only the beauty of what he was seeing, but also the pride, the self sufficiency and the growing health the people he was working with had and the environment were experiencing as a result of his project. His soul rang out to me sharing in ways that lovers understand. It was exactly what I needed. His words shattered the blanket of pain that had been a disguised shroud around me. Elevated by his clarity settled me and strengthened me to tackle what was certainly a grand undertaking.

She ran to Milika and Jacob with conviction told them to stop at the next town and go to the square. "Let Jacob sing and speak, it is time."

And so he did, speaking first to 3 or 4 people but more gathered. Hearing this child who with the wisdom of an old man spoke of his journey back to life. Many asked questions when they realized that he wasn't just spouting political rhetoric and realized he spoke simply of the things he knew.

After it was over a Minister asked Jacob to speak at his church. "Perhaps sir, if you could speak in a place where all are welcome it would make your message clearer," Jacob told the minister respectfully he didn't want to promote anything or anyone he simply wanted everyone to find their own truth. He explained his feeling that if he spoke at a church, he could so easily be perceived as promoting a set of beliefs. He wasn't doing that at all. He wanted each being to find his or her own truths.

"Though I was alive, in truth, I was dead, and now that I am awake and feel alive I want to give everyone the opportunity to choose life."

Many didn't understand and would have called him an anarchist except for the fact Jacob spoke like an angel. The words he spoke in his high pitched voice spilled around the crowd infecting their cynicism with hope, even if was just a bit.

He accepted no money nor favors, only time which he gave freely to those who accepted. Anxious to understand and believe, he was asked how to start, what to do. "Do nothing?" said Jacob, "just be. Be alive!"

The effectiveness and allure of Jacob went unnoticed by the Dark. In fact, Darkness laughed and saw no threat as it viewed little Jacob and his tiny friend Milika as insignificant. He was a child. He wanted nothing. He just sang of gratitude for life. Over and over this child stole hearts from under the noses of blackness because he just was. However, as news of Jacob began to spread, suspicions surfaced among the foul-minded. But they could find nothing to report that could cause concern to the Dark's order. Finally, they decided he was just a harmless kid who had lived through a war and was happy he made it out.

I cautioned Jacob. "We must not expose you too much for the suspicions will arise again. We have only a more few months together and then you and Milika will go home to play and study hard. Mr. Bleinkins will teach you his course next Jacob, he is very wise."

"I know he is," the gentle boy replied. "Although I'm blind, I can see his wisdom in his eyes. My Mother taught me that everyone shows his or her truth in their eyes. Why can't you stay and play with us Belinda? I love you too."

My heart swelled at the beauty of Jacob's tender words. I turned to Jacob, knowing he could see the love in my eyes. "Dear sweet boy, I want to but I have some other very important work to do. But if you study very hard I will take you on a trip when I return!" Hearing this, Jacob lit up the landscape with his smile and hugged me tightly and said good night.

As I left Jacob I was thinking about how much progress was being made. More and more Lightness was replacing the Dark. I reminded everyone again to be mindful that it was very important, especially now, to move carefully and patiently lest the dark discover the Lightsource.

On the outside, I was trying to portray leadership. But, inside I was trying to tamper my own fears. Could we really affect change? How would our efforts pan out? I didn't I can't explain it, but suddenly I remembered playing chess with Father. I, now realized he was teaching me to strategize. I thought of my dad facing the chessboard slowly, thoughtfully, then suddenly I would be checkmated! Inwardly I smiled and although I was still filled with questions, I understood. Take my time, study, no rush, no panic, the answers will come.

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