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Chapter Twelve

So began the process to bring humans and elementals toward peace. It seemed his songs filled everyone who heard them with hope. even though things seemed impossible. The world was crueler than before, greed tore the land to pieces in missions for oil. Animals were hunted and mounted on walls as trophies. Heartbroken elementals wanted to go deeper into hiding, heartbroken humans wanted to die.

Jacob's task seemed too large for such a young boy. Jacob's singing was one of the cornerstones of the process and it was undeniably working. Wherever he sang the songs his Mother wrote for him ,there was a unifying impact on everyone and everything. His songs filled everyone who heard them with hope.

Our strange band of humans, elves, faeries, and elementals poured love, magic, and nourishment into the child. It was fascinating to watch this small human speak in such adult terms. Despite his blindness, Jacob moved with such ease. Living in a war-torn area he had developed a second sight. He felt objects and moved as easily as a cat.

We began to feel like proud parents, each choosing gifts to teach him. For Jacob, though he loved us all, his time with Milika was his favorite. The two played together as siblings. Playing Hide and Seek, they tested their newly learned skills out on each other. It became apparent, these two were brothers in heart and spirit. Their connection wove deeply like a rough cloth intended to hold for centuries. They both shared the same family, a faery, an elf, a gnome dressed all in green, a cat, a professor , a tree spirit and a human Father.

The war-torn child-adult healed and laughed while taking in all the warmth he could. Jacob and Milika built a shrine for their Mothers. They promised to fight with love and strength. Jacob had everything but sight, which one could never tell so carefully honed were his senses. Milika was his brother filled with strength, determined to do what his mother would have. They were two hearts, powerful in purpose.

I looked at Gammy and asked her what we could do to help them. We owed it to Dakeh to keep Milika safe, and wondered how to help our darling Jacob develop. Gammy looked at me, "let's go with them" she suggested. "Mr. Bleinkins can come too. He is on sabbatical from teaching magic this semester, and I could really use a change of scenery."

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