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I sat in front of the mirror looking at myself in wonder. I have the same face and form but I was huge. I was the size of a human.  I was 5'4" and weighed 110 lbs. I looked at myself as I moved, it all seemed to work . My hands open and close, I can wiggle my feet and my nose. I jumped and it was fine. I turned and twirled.  I felt fine but I looked at the floor and saw a tiny little opening that in all likelihood a mouse used, probably was his entrance to his house. No way I could visit him the way I did in faery form.  My body felt so strange to me. Oh,I just noticed,I don't have wings, just a bone where they belong. I can't imagine not being able to fly!!!!

Everything seem so different.I was in a foreign land.I had a knowing of safety and love.I had foster parents but I was not home. I had much to do but needed to be oriented to my new life. I would have to educate my parents on the elementals.  I had arrived as a human 900 years after my last memory. I knew why this was happening but was confused in sorting out memories and getting used to my new surroundings let alone my human form.

           I had the comfort of knowing my Dakeh , a Dragon of rare heritage,was near, she remained out of sight except on auspicious occasions when she would fly high in the sky. She would creep to me at night making herself known and remind me by her presence of love . She was a red dragon with green tips on her scales. She was filled by an energy of the highest love and was known by the realm as a particular blessing to those  whom she guarded. I didn't really care about all that, she was my heart. She was funny and fun , even goofy at times.I forgot she was regal she was just my friend.I knew she wanted to protect me but I loved her and really didn't think about all that stuff. Thank goodness I knew she was close, she had dropped a green scale on the floor last night so I would know she was there.I could gaze into her deep eyes and see volumes of wisdom and truth, she was enchanted and had risen to such a place that her love filled me like helium does a balloon. She also could make me giggle over the silliest things.

I was born a faery.  Elementals are Nature spirits which  are believed to be various types of beings or spirits which inhabit Nature.  The belief in their existence was almost universal in the ancient era of religions which embodied animist religion.  This belief still exists among many people who believe that all things possess life, which is especially true among most occultists and Neo-pagan witches.  These spirits are thought to possess supernatural powers and are usually invisible to humans, save those possessing the psychic ability of clairvoyance.

           The different nature spirits and elementals were my tribe.  I grew up in the forests in Great Britain filled with raucous joy. We played with humans and they cherished us. Perhaps the best way to help you understand me is to go back 900 years.

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