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Lectra Modaris V8R1 (EXPERT Version) With 3D Prototyping hallan




(blue) and mixed media (red) Modules Pelican This is the scanning system I’m most excited about. It’s based on a SICK micro x-ray unit. It can scan and form a 3d model in a few minutes. it has great field of view, resolution and is compact. This is also one of the most affordable units available, and we got a really good discount. Here’s a link to their website where you can see some more photos and technical specs. To prepare the models, I’m using Pea3d, a free software you can use to generate a design of a pendant from images. You can use it to scan your artwork or 3d model, and get a mockup of your piece. Here’s a video about it: The great thing about Pea3d is that you get a full 3d model of the pendant. And it’s completely free. We used it to test our prototypes, and got some really good results: Letters I’m using a laser printer to print a template for the back of our pendants. With the scan we’re able to generate a 3d model from, it’s easy to print this template on every pendant. I did it with an inkjet printer, but it’s easy to change the colors with an inkset program or Photoshop. Stamp We’re also printing a stamp from Shapeways to stamp the pendants with a unique serial number. This way you can check your pendants serial number in the Shapeways database, and also know if someone’s stolen a pendant from you. This way, you can also make sure that the pendants you buy are actually yours. We’re also using a laser printer for this. We’re really happy with the quality of the print. Formation Because we’re using a rough 3d model as a form, we’re going to put a factory image on top of it and have the pendants attached with a screwdriver. This is the main reason why we’re going with 3d printing: the final product looks exactly like we designed it. Production In our shop, we’re using a Silhouette Cameo 2



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Lectra Modaris V8R1 (EXPERT Version) With 3D Prototyping hallan

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