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Chapter Two

So I awoke in a strange but beautiful bedroom. There was a quilt covered with rosebuds and the carpet was the color of bluebells. This was what I needed to get to know, it felt new and familiar at the same time. I looked at the sun streaming in and there was a vase of flowers by my bed, daffodils , my favorite. Everything seemed clean and pretty and a vague memory was touched. I stretched and smelled food, hmmm. I got up and just about died at the size of my feet and saw immense clothes that I think would fit me.Everything was so big.They were pretty though, and I picked a gauzy blouse and a skirt. There were lots in there so I just picked a couple of things that looked pretty. I found some sparkly flip flops.

I was hungry. I walked downstairs and a beautiful lady said good morning. She gave me oatmeal and orange juice. "How did you sleep?" It was strange that I could understand her though I hadn't spoken this language, at least not with her cadence before now. "Fine,thank you" I heard myself saying. Voices came into my head, "you can do this,". She kept talking about what the day would be like, she smiles a lot.I could tell she was kind, it shows you know.She was gentle.

Remarkably, I felt calm and smiled. Over her shoulder I saw a beautiful angel smiling at me, ok, I muttered, ok. The angel was nodding to me with a reassuring look. Wow, this was going to be interesting.

Thus began the part of my journey where I looked like a human.

I saw the year ( somehow I knew how to read) It was 2015. It was 900 years later. Although I didn't understand how, something inside told me to trust this woman. She was so nice to me. She said her name was Lily. She kissed me and told me I was pretty. A man entered who seemed very similar.He said he would drive me around town. Drive?? What was that?We went outside and got in a carriage that didn't have horses, it made a roaring sound and began to move."It's ok he laughed, it is totally safe"

He showed me buildings , there were lots of carriages on the road and no horses except in some fields. My goodness ,I thought how strange.He asked me if i wanted something to drink,I said yes,so we drove up to a window and he got me some lemonade. It had a long hollow stick in it, he told me I could drink through that. It was an amazing day.They have metal things that water bubbles up so you bend over and drink out of it,He carries a flat object that he talks in to and someone else's words answer him. Wow! Everything seems strange and yet the trees and flowers were of my knowing.The streets had something on them instead dirt? It was black and had lines drawn on it.Hard to imagine.Oh and the way people dressed, well,I had never seen anything like it.Girls wore shorts and their legs were bare, so did boys but men wore jackets and pants.Almost no-one wore hats.I kept staring and Herman laughed.He said he had pictures of my time and he could only imagine what I was thinking.

That first night at dinner they said "You are truly a gift to us, a gift from God. "You are to call us Mom and Dad so that no one suspects anything. We will look like a typical human family. We have been chosen and are trusted by the Ancient ones. You are here to remember to light the candles of love, remembrance and forgiveness all over the world. We are here to guide you, protect you and love you. We are honored to be trusted by the old ones. They named a couple of names….one was my Father. Tears sprang to my eyes. "Don't suffer little one, there is no death, they are watching from a distance. They gave you the gift of semi-forgetfulness. Some things will seem familiar, others won't. But more will be revealed as appropriate. We don't have all the answers but will always be available and happy to talk to you."

I had so many questions. I desperately wanted to understand. How do you know of me? How did I get here? Who are you? My new "dad" was named Herman, and reminded me of the wise Gnomes. "Grab some hot chocolate and I will tell you what we know."

Herman's voice was kind and loving. "Lily and I are human. Twelve years ago we lost our daughter Rose to evil. The details are painful but in the midst of our grief a group called The Council came one night. The Council consisted of beings from many realms, including the Angelic and Faery Realm. Lily and I had heard about these realms in the faery tales we learned as children. We wanted desperately to believe what they began to tell us"

The woman representing the faery realm spoke to us. "We are in danger, in terrible trouble. Many of our kind have been killed and swept away. The well of ignorance has wiped out much of our history. Just as the U.S. had the Underground Railroad, we have developed "safe houses" to hide our own until it is safe for them to be awakened. There are many all over the world being "planted". We know you have suffered a great loss of your own dear daughter Rose and can understand. We have a little Faery with a big heart. Would you be willing to take her and raise her as your own?"

"They showed us pictures of Rose's soul, she was free and happy and safe. Her love for us and ours for her was an unbroken line. Lily and I felt the possibility of life having meaning and joy again." He paused. We asked. " Who are you? Are you angels? How can we ever thank you? It would be a blessing to have a child to love again.""It means so much to Lily and I to know our Rose is fine, it makes all the difference.She knows we know?They nodded in assent.

"We were overjoyed, honored and speechless. The time will come for you to leave us, but for now please let us into your heart so that we can love and care for you as we would our Rose. Words cannot express what a gift that would be for us."

What nice people, I thought. Herman did look a lot like one the Gnomes. Lily looked very angelic. As they spoke, I began to see them as a link to my realm. I didn't remember my parents' deaths, but I felt as if Lily and Herman, my new ‘Mom' and ‘Dad' could fill the inexplicable emptiness I felt. "Yes, yes. I will try to do what I am supposed to.." I didn't say it, but although I was "doing my duty", I felt relief and as if I'd been given a great gift.

I liked my house. My "parents" were kind, generous and loving. Herman, I mean, Dad was funny and liked to help me play baseball and run with the dog. Lily, Mom, was so intuitive. She loved making the house pretty and she likes my taste so she lets me help her. I brought lots of plants inside I taught her to speak lovingly to them, that they are alive and conscious. The plants were grateful and thrived under her loving touch. She is so nice and gentle, she could be an angel .

Despite my happiness and their love, I missed the smell of moss and the music in the moonlight under the grove. I missed flying with the eagles and racing with them. Oh the lakes and brooks, I missed them so. In truth, I missed a lot. But I felt love. Slowly, Lily and Herman told me bits and pieces of what The Council had told them had happened to my parents. I came to understand that my parents had died in order for our realm to have time to get away. It was an easy decision. I would honor them, keep my promise and make it worthwhile. Their deaths would not be in vain. I would do my part.

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